Artist Profile

Frank Mason, The Master Painter
“Look, dear ones, this is the difference a bit of cadmium yellow can make,” says Frank Mason as he shows his 25 landscape-painting students how to create magic on canvas. Holding a fine-tipped, number five sable brush in his steady right hand, he dabs at a student’s painting and, in a few deft strokes, begins to transform it from muddy to miraculous. “See how that makes the tree come forward; how it pops out? Now it’s richer! Lighter!”  
Like a general addressing his troops, Mason turns to the semicircle of hushed students and explains, “Whistler thought a painting should make a big statement. That’s what we’re after here.” Then with a hearty laugh that bubbles up from deep within his 6’3” frame, he splashes on “a slop” of purple paint to the foreground of the Vermont mountain scene and carefully, expertly, works it in. Delighted with the transformation, he leans his head back, waves his arms in the air and bellows, “FAN-TAS-TIC, no? IN-CRED-IBLE, yes? Now we’re getting somewhere!”...

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