Award-Winning Profile

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My article on Joel Meyerowitz for Professional Photographer Magazine has recently won First Place in  a "Best Magazine Profile" category (Associations/Non-Profit) in Folio Magazine's 2019 Eddie Awards. Details here.

Nature Article

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Human Interest

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RIP, Hilary, you inspired so many.
Hilary's obit here

Human Interest

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Sports Article

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The world is a vastly better place thanks to people like my longtime friend, Reg Green. For the full story, click here and for an earlier article here

Reg and Maggie Green recently went to Italy to commemorate the 25th anniversary of their son's passing and their decision to donate his organs. More info here


This article on a most
remarkable woman has 
run internationally
and can be read here.

(Carmen has recently had some serious medical issues. For more information and if you wish to donate to help her defray new medical/living expenses, click here.)

Feature Writing

A Judge Sentenced a Fellow Vet to Jail—
Then Joined Him in His Cell for the Night

“We are one big team—we are all ­veterans—and when one of us screws up, the rest of the team says, ‘You have to square yourself away.’”

My article on two very 
special veterans in arms 
has been published by 
Reader's Digest. 

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My article has also been included in the 2019 book, "Solider Stories."  

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Business Profile

How did this Vermont textile company go from
near-bankruptcy to over-the-top success?
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Nature Article

I spent a week in the Amazon to report this nature piece about piranhas for Reader's Digest.
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Brazilian edition version here

Business Profile

I visited Google's Silicon Valley headquarters for four days to produce this exclusive report on "what makes Google click." It has run in Reader's Digest's 40-some international editions, in 25 languages. Click here for full article.

Photographer Profiles



Click here for my profile of       
London-based photographer 
David Bailey
and here for my profile of Harry Benson (right)

International Reporting

I spent nearly a week in rural Pakistan with human rights activist Mukhtar Mai to report this story on her brave campaign to fight honor killings and improve women’s rights.

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Travel Story

Travel story on Nashville published in Reader's 

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Artistry Profile

Read my article here on Vermont-based sculptor Richard Erdman


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my profile of
the very talented,
very cool,
Adger Cowans


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Sports Profile

For my recent profile of Olympic champion skier Billy Kidd click here 


To report this real-life drama of two Norwegian adventurers attacked by  a polar bear, I met with them in Oslo, Norway and also interviewed their rescuers in Longyearbyen, north of the Arctic Circle.
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Human Interest

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Harry Benson: The Consummate Professional

50 Years ago the photographer
Harry Benson was in the right
place at a very wrong time.
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International Profile

Of all the people I have profiled there are a select few I would class as "heroes." Bridgebuilder Toni Ruttimann is at the very top of that list. After traveling through Cambodia and Laos with him and seeing him in action, I now know what the real meaning of "hero" is.  
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  Harry Benson, a photography icon! Full story here and more here.
                             Copyright by Professional Photographer Magazine and Harry Benson

Drama in Real Life

My article about a skydiver
who passed out before he
could open his parachute
has been published
by Reader's Digest.

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French edition here
Portuguese here

Travel Article

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Celebrity Profile

To report this profile of Anthony Hopkins, I spent a day with him in London, walking through the city, having lunch, and visiting his Knightsbridge home. A month later I spent another day with him in his native Wales.
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Business Profile

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My story on Major Zach Fike 
and the organization he founded,
Purple Hearts Reunited,
is running in the 1.3 million
circulation magazine, "VFW Magazine."
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Photographer Profile

                          Click here for my profile of (the very fun, very talented) photographer Patty Carroll

Travel Feature

                                                                       Full article here

International Feature

I traveled aboard one of the world's largest container ships as it entered the port of Rotterdam to report this story on a Maersk EEE. The story is running now in Reader's Digest's international editions. Click here for the article.
French version here.


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Human Interest

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Survival Drama

Reader's Digest

My article about a
dramatic survival
at sea has been
published by
Reader's Digest.
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Do you know the writings
of Vermont-based writer,
Archer Mayor? If you don't,
you are in for a treat.
And, as I hope  my recent
profile of him in Writer's Digest
Magazine will show,
he is as engaging in person
as he is on the page.

Artist Profile

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Nature Article

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Sports Profile

To write this profile of former Major League pitcher Bill Lee, I interviewed him at his Craftsbury, Vermont home and watched him pitch in several Vermont Senior League games (He won both.)
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International Travel Feature

I spent five days in Copenhagen, including riding around the city with its Lord Mayor, to report this story on Denmark's capital city. Click here for full article and here for radio interview (8/29/2015, 11:20) on my article.
Online version here

Artist Profile

I interviewed artist/photographer William Wegman  (and his friends/partners) at his Maine vacation home for this New England Home Magazine profile. Click here for the full story.

International Relations

This is a 10,000 word article on the current state of affairs in North Korea, which I wrote for Congressional Quarterly Press. Click here for more information.
Copright CQ Press 2011, reprinted with permission

Nature Writing

Read the full article here  and see the video that used film I shot in the Bahamas.           

Corporate Case Study

                       Click here for an example of one of the many corporate case studies I have written